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Parkit auto care range of products are in partnership with Labr manufacturing company formed within the chemical formulation, manufacturing and supply spheres.
It is the objective of Parkit to ensure superior quality products suitable for its intended use with regard to functionality, effectiveness, and conformance to established industry standards and practices.
Based on these commitments, Parkit partnered with Labr to meet it’s objectives in a manner which provides consistency of product quality, optimum availability, and superior customer service, while maintaining efficiency of operations and profitability necessary to perpetuate product improvement and customer satisfaction.

Parkit Products

From research and development, we’ve discovered that one major competitive advantage we have over other on-the-shelf products available is the competitive pricing without impacting the product quality especially for our car polish, upholstery, tyre & engine cleaner variants. These products are currently not locally produced and as such customers have no other option than to buy those that are imported with the implication being that they’re more expensive due to foreign exchange realities.

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